Some Highlights from our 2021 Festival

CheeseFest Udder Delights Brie Cutting for Cheese Tastings
CheeseFest Lobster Rolls
CheeseFest Ice Cream Serving with a scoop
CheeseFest Patrons mingle in Rymill Park
CheeseFest - Wine Pouring into a wine glass
CheeseFest Patrons Mingle in Rymill Park 2
CheeseFest Ragini Spice Curries
CheeseFest Jake Kellie makes Pizzas
CheeseFest Udder Delights cut Cheese for tastingsCheeseFest Udder Delights Cheese PlatterCheeseFest One Oyster in Hand
Cheese Fest Award Winning Never Never Gin
CheeseFest PizzaCheeseFest Band Playing in front of patrons
CheeseFest Chocolate
CheeseFest Cheese Here
CheeseFest Raclette Yum
  • 5pm

    Great Wine Capitals Awards Presentation

    Private Function

  • 7:30pm

    CheeseFest Disco!

    with DJ Mark Kamleh playing the Vibes!

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  • 11am

    Salumi Making Masterclass

    With Dave Cann from Cleaver Salumi Cabinets


  • 12pm

    The Topiary

    Kane Pollard

    Goolwa Pipis Carbonara

  • 1pm

    Gary Mehigan

    1) Fried paneer, asparagus & coriander chutney

    2) Twice cooked cheese souffle, spring leaves (using Woodside Cheese Wrights Spilt MilkChevre and Alexandrina Cheese Co. Gouda)

  • 2pm

    SPROUT Cooking School

    Callum Hann &

    Themis Chryssidis

  • 3pm

    Warren Mendes

  • 4pm

    Rose Adam

    Poh Ling Yeow

    Mandy Hall

    MC'd by Gary Mehigan

  • 5pm

    Matt Preston

  • 6pm

    My Grandma Ben

    Jessie Spiby

    Roasted Chilli Jammy Oil

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  • 12pm

    Salopian Inn & Never Never Gin

    With Karena Armstrong &

    Sean Baxter

    Crab & Carp Dumplings & Dirty Daiquiris

  • 1pm

    Matt Preston

  • 2pm

    Gary Mehigan

  • 3pm

    Arkhe Restaurant

    Jake Kellie

  • 4pm

    Dirty (inc)

    Simon Bryant