Inspired by her travels across the world, discovering the milky whey of cheese, Director and Cheese Maker Kris Lloyd AM decided it was time to celebrate the Cheese Maker good and proper!

“I want to celebrate their passion, skill and the fine cheeses they produce. I can’t think of a better way to do that than have a Festival where we can celebrate together the power of cheese! When we started CheeseFest in 2005 it was the first in Australia and it has since evolved into Australia’s biggest Cheese Festival”. 

With a collection of cheesemakers from all over Australia, CheeseFest is the place to be if you love cheese. 

CheeseFest also attracts winemakers, brewers, food producers, restauranteurs, and fermenters from all over Australia. With cheese a central ingredient, CheeseFest is a foodie’s paradise.

CheeseFest proudly supports South Australia, with all of our suppliers South Australian companies, and all of our food and beverage producers are based in SA! With producers from all regions of SA in one area, you will discover something new at CheeseFest.

Join us for the most snackable weekend of the year; picnic outside, dance, laugh, discover and indulge in all South Australian cheese, food and beverage.